Emery - The Poor And The Prant
@ 活在當下 制作
I've got to put a stop to all this,
to all this being separated and then cut off
I've got to put a stop to all this
Separate then fall
We could float…over the world
and decide for ourselves if
we will ever return
If only our dreams were fires to ignite,
then we could let the whole world burn
You said this was over when you suffocate
the truth and trade for nothing
(Save us, the kisses and the distances are clinging to my weaknesses)
Somebody help me here cause I can't steer the wrong words away
(I've seen this, tasted, a killer to my worries and then caught me without my defense)

Help The Poor是什么歌?Help The Poor是Eric Clapton的英语歌曲,以上是Help The Poor的歌词。