Little Jackie - Guys Like When Girls Kiss
$$$ Jermen 制作
There probably ain’t one woman on Earth who hasn’t considered this
Men are from another planet,
how can we possibly co-exist?
They came from Mars,
women came from Venus
We think with our brains,
men think with their penis
Every stereotype has a little bit of truth
There’s (?) case of evidence if you needed some proof
Perplexed by the opposite sex,
I’ll tell you what’s next
Where I’m gonna direct my love and affection
I’m gonna get with a woman
You know I might as well
I’m’a tell every single guy who be hollerin they can go to hell
Go make her my bride
Even though we on the same side
Oh, it’s gonna collide
When we walk down the aisle
Gonna get with a woman
And my ex’s will be crying
Cause the ceremony was sad
But it won’t be so bad

Anyway (Men Are From Mars)是什么歌?Anyway (Men Are From Mars)是Amber的英语歌曲,以上是Anyway (Men Are From Mars)的歌词。