The Lonely Island - Santana DVX (Feat. E-40)
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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What is that, Cristal?
Dom P?
Hell no! This is that Carlos Santana champagne!
Oh shit, Santana DVX? That's my joint!
Mine too but a lot of these busters don't know about it.
Well, let's tell these motherfuckers!
As a kid, I used to lay awake and think
When was Santana gonna make a drink?
But now I'm all grown and my dream came true
Santana champagne, from him to you
From the heart of Napa Valley and the guitar king
Comes the sparkling wine to make a blind man sing
Yo it's the champagne, from the man with the bandana
I can't stand a flute with anything but Santana
What's the first name of champ? Tt's Carlos
And to that man, I propose a toast
In the sixties he had lots of freebie sex
Now he's gettin down with the DVX
Excuse me, fellas, am

one day feat. e/40是什么歌?one day feat. e/40是TQ的歌曲,以上是one day feat. e/40的歌词。