Bee Gees Man in the middle
李瑞 (韩国海洋大学)
You've got a plan that could never go wrong
You took advantage and the damage done
It all comes back to me baby
It all comes back to me
I played the fool and I went off the track
And when I think of all it cost
When the die was cast
You know I had to be crazy
You know I had to be
I've been telling lies
And you forgive me but my heart still cries
And you can understand
I'm just the man in the middle
Of a complicated plan
No one to show me the signs
I'm just a creature of habit
In a complicated world
Nowhere to run to
Nowhere to hide
I know I let you down in so many ways
I know that sorry doesn't tell you
What you need me to say
But, I would die for you baby
Yes, I would die for you
I've been in disguise
And you forgive me and our lo

Back To The Middle是什么歌?Back To The Middle是India Arie的英语歌曲,以上是Back To The Middle的歌词。