Pink Timebomb
Screw fear it¡¯s contagious
Infecting everything
It makes me do such stupid,stupid stuff
I say things I never mean
What exactly do I think
Who am I protecting
If I fall and I blow up in my face
That¡¯s just crazy
I¡¯m delicate, I¡¯m sensitive
Please try to be more careful
You¡¯re mean , you¡¯re a lunatic
Let¡¯s try to make this fun again
It¡¯s only love giving it away
¡¯s only
You probably get it back again
¡¯s only
It¡¯s simple as a silly thing
You¡¯re away like a boomerang
I wish we all could lie in love
It¡¯s only love not a timebomb
I¡¯m tired from last night¡¯s fight
I wish I haven¡¯t started it
I hate when my fear speaks for me
It makes me nasty
I thought we could start again
Go back to the days when we felt like friends
It¡¯s all too

It s Only Me是什么歌?It s Only Me是Melissa Etheridge的英语歌曲,以上是It s Only Me的歌词。