See every time me and my man get into a fight
This girl is giving her advice
She wanna say that he ain't no good
And she think I should get another man in my life
But I don't see how she gon tell me
What she think a man should or should not be
Plus her love life ain't right
She needs to get it tight
Before she be steppin to me
Now come on
If you've been divorced more than twice
And you wanna give advice about my love life
Oh no you can just forget that
I don't need that
So you can just go ahead and keep that
And if you always lookin a mess
But yet you wanna tell me how to dress
Oh no I don't wanna hear that
I won't take that
So you can just go ahead and save that
At least if you're gonna try and give advice
About my life have your own shit right
Cuz you ain't even livin' what you preach to me
So please how you gonna tell me

How You Gonna Tell Me是什么歌?How You Gonna Tell Me是Mya的英语歌曲,以上是How You Gonna Tell Me的歌词。