The Summer Set - Chelsea
@ 活在當下 制作
Let's take this back 2005
Drinks are pouring, girls so fine
So many dimes got dollars signs
And there she goes
Right on the spot
Got a taste so sweet I swear this beat will make you want to drop
She wears a new dress everyday
No she won't stop
Makin' the crowd scream (I can't hear anything)
But Hey (Hey)
It's Miss L.A. Again, Again
Chelsea, Chelsea
Tell me you love me
Chelsea, Chelsea
Are you feeling me now?
Chelsea, Chelsea
I think it's about time we get down, get down
I Want more
I wrote her a song
Not Delilah, not Kelsey
Had em both in my palm
but I dropped them for chelsea
Hey hey What'd you say
Youve been looking good today
Lets go around town i'll tell the girls that I'm taken
Chelsea, Chelsea
Tell me you l

Chelsea Girls是什么歌?Chelsea Girls是Nico的英文歌曲,以上是Chelsea Girls的歌词。