Mandy Moore - Love Shot
Here we are now face to face
Gonna make it very clear
'Cause I don't have time to waste
If your heart is insincere
Tonight is gonna be the night
Tell ya how its gonna be
Gonna give my love to you
If you give it back to me
That's the way I planned it
Thats our destiny
It only takes a minute to come and go with me
Ain't no doubt about it
I'm so into you
Tell you just what I'm gonna do
Hit you with my love shot
Tell me can ya handle this or is it too hot?
Only gonna take one kiss to show what I've got
Cuz' I won't stop
With my love shot
oh yeah
I don't care what you did before
cuz' now it's a brand new game
I'm everything you're searchin' for
And you'll never be

hit me with you best shot是什么歌?hit me with you best shot是Pat Benatar的英语歌曲,以上是hit me with you best shot的歌词。