The Game - Ya Heard (feat. Ludacris)
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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California - New York
Chictown know how I get down
MIA, ATL wassup
Houston, Frisco
Detroit get money just like N.O.
Yeah, yeah
You see that cherry-red Phantom on them big ass wheels
See I be playing with them cars I'm like a big ass kid
Crazy with that cap gun
So if we play Cops 'n' Robbers, I'll show you how to pop revolvers
Fit a cap too big, so it cover my eyes
That Lambo that ain't shit, just a public disguise
And that top model chick, she for the diamond lane
And I be driving all crazy coz my diamond chain is (bright)
As them Las Vegas lights
It be the same in California when I'm riding at night
And New York I be in midtown, up and down Broadway
Having meetings all day baby my future is (bright)
As LeBrons take off from anybody

Georgia Lee是什么歌?Georgia Lee是Tom Waits的英语歌曲,以上是Georgia Lee的歌词。