Jazmine Sulli - Call Me Guilty
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I'm sitting contemplating
is it worth it should I take it
Take that shot and change my life
Get that glock and take his life
Hospitals and bloody noses
this would end all obstacles that I could leave.
Knowing I can’t leave
so it’s either him or me
Cause he gon' kill me if I stay I know
Gon' kill me, he cant change I know
from the first time that he did it
made a promise that he'd quit it
God it’s so much worse
don't wanna end up in a hearse
I guess I gotta do it first
yes I gotta do it first
I cant go back now, back now, I'm runnin’
but where to go cops I hear them comin’
and if they catch me I still ain't sorry
If that was wrong just call me guilty
Cause if you knew what he did to me
I know I would get your sympathy
So if

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