Album:Quitters Never Win
Much the Same-Wish
Well you're in control
and I know it 'cause I'm miserable again
I don't understand
how any of this makes me a better man
You know I always run to
You for some help with my life
You know I always come to You
for a little wise advice
And all I get is pain
Okay, so I'm exaggerating,
I'm just saying that's how it seems to me
If all good things come to an end,
then what about the bad?
Am I cursed to never see the fruits of
the life I wish I had?
And can I try,
one more time,
to be pleasing to You?
My futile efforts never seem to
make my wish come true
What can I do?
I'll follow through with
all these claims I never cease to make
A promise to myself is one I promise to break

Alright Okay You Win是什么歌?Alright Okay You Win是Tony Bennett的歌曲,以上是Alright Okay You Win的歌词。