T.I. - Ready For Whatever
卜超 制作
hey, the price of fame cost to much
like these niggas talk to much
im ready for whatever somebody better tell em'
said im ready for whatever
hey, hey, hey,
even tho my head in the clouds im planted on the pavement
how i walk around people starring in amazment
i play alotta game a well-being i aint playing wit it
they so judgemental man but they dont understand
if ya life was in jeperady erryday is you tellin me
you wouldnt need weaponry jus because of ya felony's
consider this at least i got errybody sweating me
on the streets theres people who wont rest unless i rest in peace
killed my folk a year ago still in my sleep they threatin me
peranoid ya stressin me aint nobody protecting me
im dealing wit the pressure from my partner dieing next to me
niggas know i was arrested they comin

The Day I Broke The Law是什么歌?The Day I Broke The Law是UB40的英语歌曲,以上是The Day I Broke The Law的歌词。