All my niggas take a walk wit me
U aint gotta holla,u can talk wit me
Try to learn where my thoughts could be
and how i stack figures
Learn why im real,still that nigga
I get money i aint gotta do a crime,shit
I hit dimes what i need with a 9
Before y'all judge me be clear
We got nothing but heat here
Beware, we here
Whats my name? got chicks twisted like whats my game
Pimp thing still the same i smash it,i dont harass it
Ma,im a baller i score and pass it
Feel me,still me,filthy
Making hits is 

I Don t Know (Featuring P. Diddy)是什么歌?I Don t Know (Featuring P. Diddy)是Usher的英语歌曲,以上是I Don t Know (Featuring P. Diddy)的歌词。