Flobots - White Flag Warrior
We request to negotiate
We come to you unarmed
We desire to communicate
You cannot do us harm

lrc by Jermen
For one sacrifice,
they have schemes and ask me to follow their path to the afterlife
I've got an appetite
for nice things and the dreams that my enemies could be blasted by
Ooh metaphors
Views that are better for you can't survive or find your competitor
Rise together
Ooh Fight separate wars i pray I'm never forced to be a predator
Suspecting we won't last
They're glad to hate but gladiators breed their last
Scream or mash for their dreams do clash
Like swords in the war let me bleed on that
Put the heat on that
Cept we need strong backs
You call us weak and don't redeem contracts
Well this speech won't last
If the beast attacks
The sons and the fathers will be free at last

the beast lets belle go是什么歌?the beast lets belle go是美女与野兽的英语歌曲,以上是the beast lets belle go的歌词。