LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Mind across the universe
I don't cry
運命の chapter
君がフラリと high way
up above the sky
静寂の Master
行けよ mind your step
行間の blue
I just wanna be alive
colored sky
隆盛の after
夢は砂上の flower
under the sun
延命の border
見えないように day by day
君から打つ heart beat
今舞い降りた stage
行けよ mind your step
勇敢に touch
I wanna be alive
Night is falling down
Soon there would be no light
Day across the universe
Life is lying down
Soon there would be no light
Mind across the universe
愛が降らした rain
at the moments in lifetime
君の奥の over the rainbow
please don't cry
鉛の song bird
霧が君を hide away
look up to the sky
静寂の laughter
抱擁は day by day
勇敢に touch
I just wanna be aliv

Love is day by/day是什么歌?Love is day by/day是S.E.S(SES)的歌曲,以上是Love is day by/day的歌词。