Mary J. Blige - What Love Is
活在当下 制作
(Verse 1:)
Beautiful, horrible, magical,
terrible reason to laugh and smile.
Reason to cry yourself to sleep at night.
Start a fight.
Makeup, breakup, wrong or right.
Heaven for all it's worth can equally be held right here on earth.
(And no one really knows anything about it)
No, but everybody needs it.
We can't live without it.
(And that's the way it goes)
Darkest day.
Brightest night.
Just some other things you might hear if you ask what love feels like.
And it feels like joy.
And it feels like pain.
And it feels like sunshine.
Feels like rain.
And excuse the dying.
Reason to live.
And if you don't know that's what love is.
Love is, ohhh.
(Verse 2:)
Gentle kiss.
Sweet caress.
Kiss the base of your neck.
Argue until my head hurts

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