Young Jeezy - Crazy World
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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(what they want?)they want that young shit
that dumb shit that where you from shit
that ride around your hood all day with your gun shit
all i got to my name is two bricks and one felony
your going back to jail thats what my concious keep on telling me
i really ain't buying all this bullshit they selling me
when the government throwing more curves than the letter C
i said the letter C i guess thats for correctional
they try to box me in, sit me still like a vegetable
god damn another trap i think bush trying to punish us
sending little messages out to each and every one of us
real g shit well thats really unheard of
when you get more time for selling dope than murder
in this crazy world
this world keeps spinning my rims still spinning
even though the money slow we still spinning

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