Jay-Z - Go Hard (Remix)(ft. DJ Khaled & Kanye West)
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I'm a bad M-a-r-c-y P-r-o-j-e-c-t
Ain't no other motherfucker in the rap game harder than me
I go hard and get it in like a porn star
Follow my moves you wanna make it to the top I'm on star
For new born stars
Even when the camera stop
I'ma hundred million dollar movie handle my cock
Big homie from the back block
When you first learn how to slap box
Then you even learn how to chill with the pill
Or handle the pot bring it back rocka
Number one rule if you ass get popped
Don't cheddar box to the matlocks
Death before dishonor I'ma honor the code they created
Number 2 ruined it and it might sound rude but yep fuck you paid me
I drown my pain in porsches
I lost my partner to the bullshit
Still tryna hold on to my religion so
I put a coupl

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