Asher Roth - Bad Day (Feat. Jazze Pha)
@ 活在當下 制作
and it just keeps going
and it just keeps..
So I'm in the airport getting ready to leave
heading to a friends wedding in the NYC
but my head has been spinning I'm forgetting to eat,
all this jet setting has really been getting to me.
It's already 11:20 and I'm ready to sleep
but instead I end up sitting in the 27th seat,
an isle seat, fine by me
but the guy that's insides always trying to pee.
With a wild child behind that's crying _
flipping out and kicking at me while it violently screams
So I silently plead "Oh God,
please let there be a hunny sitting 27B"
but of course a morbidly obese beast
is in the seat that weeses when it breathes _
is at least three deep and he keeps telling me
what is wrong with his knees
_ just need water but for a bottle they c

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