Killah Priest&Allah Sun - Looking Glass
活在当下 制作
Uh, looking inside my book
Uh, one time, uh 4th Disciple
Uh KP, dimes, uh, in the looking glass
Live for everything, when I open up my book
None for nutting knaw'mean?
Seeing the looking glass
Life and Death is like a carnival in cemeteries
Ain't nobody left that's honorable they all been buried
The Chronicles, from Muhammad's schools to Gods name vary
Black people are the promised Jew's 'cause we lost already
My cross is heavy, I carry it - this is my burden
Looking the sky see chariots, that's why the Earth is just burning
The worst is determined, by the birth of a person or of a hurting
Soul searching, I go to the sermon of elder Gerry Burns
Life is a failure, my worries return
I know cats who could of went pro
Wasn't born with a silver spoon to his mouth
But put a silver spoon to

jewe you are the one是什么歌?jewe you are the one是Mickey Hart的英语歌曲,以上是jewe you are the one的歌词。